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The Consortium for Environmental Risk Management, LLC (CERM), established in 1998, brings together decades of experience in chemical risk assessment and a commanding understanding of EPA regulatory programs and requirements. CERM serves as a center of excellence to support the chemical industry, both domestically and internationally.

CERM has helped small start-up companies with their first Pre-Manufacture Notice and worked alongside multinationals to to bring our unique expertise to complicated exposure and release assessments. We offer a responsive and cost-effective service to help your company deal with regulatory issues, including hazard and risk assessment, global new product notification, and TSCA compliance.


Why Choose CERM

Client Testimonials


Meet Our Senior Staff

Elizabeth Becker, Manager, Technical Services

Peter Ranslow, Director of Risk Assessments
Alexandra Maertens, Manager of Toxicology

LaMarr Clannon, Associate Scientist

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