Dr. Alexandra Maertens, Senior Toxicologist, Owner

Alexandra Maertens, Ph.D. is the head of the Green Toxicology, Read-Across and Big Data initiative at the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. Dr. Maertens has an extensive publication record on the use of high-content and high-throughput  in vitro data, including transcriptomics and metabolomics, for establishing molecular mechanism of toxicity, as well as increasing regulatory acceptance of data-driven read-across approaches, and machine-learning approaches for predictive toxicology. Additionally, Dr Maertens is the Senior Toxicologist at the Consortium for Environmental Risk Management, where she developed a suite of models for screening level human health hazard assessments. Dr. Maertens also serves as part-time faculty at the Brandeis University School of Graduate and Professional Studies where she teaches Whole Genome Expression Analysis and Biomarker Discovery.


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Alexandra Maertens, Senior Toxicologist, Owner

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