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Product and Chemical Stewardship Services

In an era of changing regulations and new voluntary compliance initiatives, it is easy to get lost and miss your business plan or worse, increase your liability exposure. CERM has over 50 years of combined experience in product stewardship in various areas in multiple chemical companies. We bring that experience together to offer a comprehensive approach to chemical and product stewardship. CERM has the ability and expertise to successfully navigate your chemical through all aspects of product stewardship from conception to marketing and beyond. CERM is well versed in product and chemical regulatory requirements from local, to state, to national and beyond. We can help assure compliance.


HPV Challenge Program

The High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program is a voluntary initiative that encouraged companies that manufacture or import high-volume chemicals (defined as more than 1 million pounds a year) to collect and make public data concerning environmental and health hazards associated with the chemicals. For more information, see: E.P.A. High Production Volume.


CERM has experience meeting the challenges that come with multiple HPV submissions. We excel in the areas of collecting and organizing data, identifying and grouping similar substances, and filling in data gaps by using analogous structures, predictive methods, and read-across data. We have the knowledge and expertise to help in all areas of HPV submissions, from data collection to preparation of Robust Summaries and Test Plans.


Toxicology Stewardship and Predictive Modeling


When it comes to testing, it can be expensive and time consuming and often there can be a question as to the most cost effective way to meet requirements. CERM can manage testing requirements and strategies to effectively meet requirements and answer questions about a chemical or product efficiently.


We have experienced toxicologists on staff that specialize in integrating toxicology and regulatory compliance. In many cases, CERM can develop a toxicological approach that can avoid unnecessary testing or, in combination with our predictive modeling services, pinpoint specific tests that may reduce costs but fulfill the necessary requirements.

CERM Toxicology Services

CERM Predictive Modeling Services

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