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Global New Product Notification


Your markets do not stop at the US border, and most developed countries have new chemical and polymer notification regulations. CERM can guide you through the varied and complex notification regulations around the world.

Understanding Complex Notification Regulations

Just as notification requirements extend beyond our borders, CERM’s new chemical notification expertise also encompasses the global scene. Each country has a unique set of regulations that must be understood in order to save costs, avoid delays and avoid penalties. Working with our partners around the globe, CERM has successfully completed new chemical notifications in a variety of countries including Canada, the European Union, Australia and Asia including China, South Korea, and Japan. By understanding your business plan, CERM can develop an integrated testing and notification process for your particular product. CERM understands the business value of getting your products notified in time to take advantage of the market. Without CERM’s integrated approach, you may duplicate effort and testing costs, and delay your entry into the global marketplace.

Getting your Chemicals onto the Global Market

CERM’s experience with global filings can help save you time and money, because we coordinate our efforts to achieve successful notifications. Instead of looking at only one country at a time, CERM develops a master plan that covers all toxicology and environmental testing that would be needed for all of the countries of interest to you. By making sure that any testing performed for one country will meet regulatory requirements for another, you avoid duplicate testing and save time and cost. You cannot successfully complete notifications from thousands of miles away. For this reason, CERM has partners in each country that has a chemical control regulation. Our partners have a relationship with the notification authority in their country to be sure your notification receives timely and successful reviews.

We Make It Easy For You

CERM can manage the entire application process, including the testing requirements of Canada, the EU and Japan. CERM is experienced in managing Environmental, Health and Safety teams through the registration process; so whether we take the lead or just aid your existing staff; CERM is committed to getting your product successfully notified. CERM can prepare dossiers and notification packages by having our staff of product stewards, chemists, and toxicologist directly interface with your technical staff to acquire and review your technical information for the submissions.

Put CERM to work for you: with our knowledge, experience, and proven track record of global product registration we can help navigate your products to commercialization and beyond.

For more information, please contact us.

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