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"I would like to thank you for your energy, communication, and support through our entire PMN process.  We are simply thrilled with the positive approval from the EPA and we recognize your effort in helping us submit the PMN and get it dropped much more quickly than we had expected.  You both have been nothing less than perfectly accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful.


The expert service provided by the CERM staff has directly contributed to the growth and progress of our new company. “

- Kylie Presta

Research Chemist

Rivertop Renewables

"The Consortium for Environmental Risk Management (CERM) has been a valuable resource for Cytec Industries Inc. to become the first Sustainable Futures Initiative participant to graduate since the initiative was announced. CERM has helped Cytec to assess several substances by providing useful insights into potential hazards and risks for the assessed substances. They have also provided valuable one-on-one training in the use of the P2 models and methods, and have participated in training sessions at several Cytec R&D locations within the U.S. and Europe. Use of the P2 models and methods have become part of Cytec's U.S. registration protocol."

- Daniel Liebowitz

Regulatory Compliance Manager, Americas

Cytec Industries, Inc.

“Sustainable Futures modeling has been invaluable to Chevron Phillips in the assessment of several chemicals for submitting PreManufacture Notifications (PMN) under TSCA. Chevron Phillips found the models to be essential for providing insight into potential hazards and risks associated with the chemicals being evaluated for the PMN submissions. Several one-on-one, in-depth training sessions provided by CERM, under EPA grant and on for-fee basis, provided Chevron Phillips with insight into what EPA considers important in the reviewing of PMNs. Our submissions have all been successful, and in one case resulted into modifying our method of delivery of product to customers to reduce environmental risks. Chevron Phillips considers the Sustainable Futures program to be a valuable asset to its product stewardship in general.”

- Fred Marashi

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

We have undertaken PMN’s with and without CERM, and it was clear that CERM’s expertise with US EPA’s predictive models and risk assessment process accelerated our new chemical registration process.

- A major gas and oil producer who is a multi-project client

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