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Toxicology Services

CERM has the expertise to analyze and predict potential toxicological hazard, use computational models to fill data gaps, and to foresee concerns that may arise during a PMN review.

The EPA does not have a standardized battery of tests required for new chemicals, and less than half of new chemical submissions include toxicological data. In the absence of data, judgments about potential health risks require both an understanding of structure-activity relationships and a careful analysis of all available toxicity data for chemical analogs. The toxicological endpoints established as part of the human health hazard assessment are key to understanding whether the potential exposures will result in an unacceptable level of risk. Predicting potential human health concerns and proactively addressing them can help avoid delays in approval.

If the EPA does require testing, we can aid in the development of a cost-effective testing strategy, and offer research, data management, and interpretive services relating to toxicology. For more information, please contact Peter Ranslow.

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