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TSCA New Chemical Notifications – CERM PMN Solutions™

Get your New Chemical to market quickly. Avoid Regulation. Reduce Costs. Increase Positive Outcomes.

  • Are you preparing a PMN or other New Chemical Substance submission (LVE; TMEA; SNUN) and want to anticipate and avoid regulatory problems?

  • Is EPA Proposing Regulation of your Submission — and you don't know why?

  • Want to streamline EPA approval of your Submissions in General?

  • Need help navigating an exemption (polymer exemptions, R&D Exemptions, LoRex, etc.) or determining what submission is needed?


PMN Solutions, from the Consortium for Environmental Risk Management (CERM), can help.

CERM has prepared hundreds of TSCA NewChem Notifications and can help with all aspects of the submission, from preparation to review to support. We have decades of experience and a track record of successful outcomes, even when a submission has “stalled” during review. For over 10 years EPA has turned to CERM to help train companies in the New Chemical hazard and risk assessment process – The same process EPA uses for TSCA New Chemical Submission reviews.


Our knowledge of the review process helps us prepare effective submissions.

  • CERM can pinpoint and anticipate EPA's potential concerns before submission, and help formulate effective mitigation.

  • If EPA flags your PMN for concerns, CERM can help you understand and answer those concerns.

  • CERM can help your company avoid many regulatory pitfalls.

  • Can help determine eligibility for the Polymer Exemption, R&D exemption or other TSCA exemptions.


CERM is the only team that:

  1. Has a commanding mastery of the PMN risk assessment process.

  2. Knows how to use/interpret all EPA PMN assessment tools.

  3. Understands PMN decision criteria and default assumptions used in the PMN review process.

  4. Can predict, in advance of PMN submission, potential regulatory outcomes, using P2 Hazard and Risk Assessment.

  5. Can help identify simple, cost effective steps that can avoid regulation and help get your product to market.


As part of the process, we can provide a Sustainable Futures Pollution Prevention (P2) Framework Chemical Hazard, Exposure, and Risk Screening Assessment for your chemical. This optional assessment can help fully understand the potential risk concerns that EPA may have with a submission, and provide insight into mitigation those concerns – All for less than the cost of a single ecotoxicity test in most cases.


For more information on how a Sustainable Futures P2 Assessment can specifically help your PMN or other new chemical submission, please see this link.


CERM has helped hundreds of companies – from start-ups developing their first submissions to Fortune 500 companies with their toughest cases. We are fast, efficient, and confidential; and our track record stands for itself.


We can provide a detailed Project Scope and Cost Estimation upon request.


For further information contact Dr. Peter Ranslow.

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