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Dr. Peter B. D. Ranslow, Senior Scientist, President, Owner

Dr. Peter Ranslow joined CERM in 2003 and in 2016, along with the other current partners, purchased the company.  Currently, he acts as CERM’s president and senior scientist. He specializes in TSCA new chemicals notifications and predictive modeling for hazard, exposure, and risk assessment.  He has worked on TSCA New Chemicals notifications and supportive modeling for hundreds of chemicals for multinational corporations, as well as small start-up companies, and has extensive knowledge of the models and methodologies used by regulatory agencies around the world to assess new chemical products.


Since taking a leadership role in CERM, Dr. Ranslow has sought to develop partnerships toward expanded use and implementation of new predictive tools, and integrating those tools with regulatory submissions to streamline the process. Dr. Ranslow continues to work closely with client companies to help meet their needs and regarding chemical risk assessment and general chemical stewardship, and he strives to increase the level of knowledge and participation in sustainable chemistry programs.


In addition to direct work in regulatory submissions and predictive modeling, since 2004 Dr. Ranslow has helped to develop and implement dozens of workshops in the use of the US EPA Sustainable Futures program both domestically and abroad, in addition to authoring multiple guidance documents and other materials for the program.   Currently, with the recent TSCA21 update and changes, he is taking a lead in working with the EPA to further update the program and restart workshops.


Dr. Ranslow earned a B. A. in chemistry from Boston University in 1996 and went on to earn his Doctorate Degree in Organic Chemistry from Colorado State University in 2003, conducting research under Professor Louis S. Hegedus into development and implementation of novel organometallic methodologies.

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