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EPA Sustainable Futures Training

Workshop Announcement



Who Should Attend:


Regulatory Professionals, Chemists/Scientists, Toxicologists, Product Safety Specialists, Product Stewards


What You Will Learn:


  • How the US EPA evaluates new chemical notifications


  • How to conduct screening-level hazard, exposure and risk characterizations of your chemicals in the absence of measured data


  • Using predictive toxicology to fill in your data gaps without animal testing


  • Gain hands-on experience with the same models and methods that the US EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) employs to perform chemical risk screening and prioritization


  • Get the knowledge to take your products out of the regulatory black box


  • This workshop satisfies the training requirement for companies interested in formally graduating in theSustainable Futures™ training program. Sustainable Futures™ training graduates can take advantage of regulatory incentives in the form of dual PMN/TMEA submissions which effectively reduces the time to market.


  • For more information on the US EPA Sustainable Futures™ Program, visit the home page at: or see below.


Presenters: US EPA staff from the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) with experience in the EPA New Chemicals Program and Pre-Manufacture Notification (PMN) review process, as well as experts in the screening level methodologies.

Requirements: Participants are asked to bring their own laptop computers preloaded with the EPA models for the hands-on portions of the workshop.


When: TBD


Location: NALCO, Naperville, IL


Sponsored By: Afton Chemical, Consortium for Environmental Risk Management (CERM) and US EPA/OPPT


Registration Fee: $850.00 includes lunch and snacks!

For more information please contact Dr. Peter Ranslow


About Sustainable Futures:


Sustainable Futures™ is a voluntary US EPA initiative that aims to promote the incorporation of Pollution Prevention (P2) methods into chemical stewardship. By participating in this hands-on workshop, you will learn to use a variety of computer-based models and techniques to assess both hazard and exposure components for a chemical substance, as well as how to combine these into a screening-level risk assessment. The workshop includes in-depth presentations and hands-on sessions with the models, and covers the methodology for hazard and risk screening for human health, ecotoxicity and environmental fate.



Please feel free to forward this announcement to any colleagues that may be interested in attending this training workshop or Sustainable Futures™ in general.


Best Regards,


Peter B. Ranslow, Ph. D.

Director of Risk Assessments

Consortium for Environmental Risk Management (CERM)

Phone: (207) 626-8301

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